About us

Infra-Logics Consulting was found in 2006, with the vision of being recognized as the well managed, trustwhorty, dedicated and valuable consulting company that exceeds its clients' and partners' expectations.

Infra-Logics understands that the value of a consult ing company depends on its consultant's values. As a result, ILC has gone to great lenghts to hand pick only the best consultants. Over the past years, Infra-Logics consultants have had significant experience on HR Business Processes and SAP HR modules.

We have established our strategy on the basis of five principles: excellence, involvement, speed, communication and best people.


Based upon the following five principles guide us:

Excellence : of Processes, not only systems and functions, will drive the projects before any systems are implemented. We will focus on " best practice " and the value-added processes within the software solution.

Involvement : This is the key to the success of the projects. Although we will provide well-experienced and trustwhorthy resources, the majority of the Team resources will be from our customer. However, the ultimate implementation will be directive, not consensual.

Speed : We implement projects in a short time. This commitment to speed requires rapid decision-making, strong leadership and management support. The program seeks "success", not perfection.

Communication : Clear, consistent and constant communication to all levels within the organization is a critical success factor for the program, as well as an essential element to organizational change management.

Best People : Building on the qualities described in "Infra-Logics Working Discipline", we encourage the development of open networks, an inventive approach to solutions and creativity, cultivating strenghts and contriburions of others and seeking transperancy and openness in interpersonal relationships.


E-mail: info@infra-logics.com